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Off-campus access to library resources: About off-campus access

All you need to know about accessing our databases and other e-resources from off-campus locations

Don't leave campus without us!

When you access the databases from off-campus, you will be directed to this screen. Most users should use the option to login through KateWay.

Off-campus login page

The library's EZproxy service makes our online resources available from just about anywhere! But if you have any problems, please see the troubleshooting tips in this guide. If you still need help, call the Reference Desk at 651-690-6652.

Who has access?

Due to licensing restrictions, only current members of the St. Kate's community may access these resources from off campus. If you are not a current student, faculty, or staff member, you are welcome to use most of these resources in the library, but we cannot grant off-campus access. 

What do I need in order to access library resources from off campus?

  • A browser. Use a current version of a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Cookies and JavaScript should be enabled, and pop-up blockers should be disabled.  Avoid using proprietary browsers such as the AOL browser.
  • A KateWay login. For more information, see information about passwords or contact the Help Desk to verify your account information. Consider increasing your timeout setting in KateWay.
  • The library's website. Connect to resources using the links on our website, rather than bookmarking them in your browser.

Using your KateWay login for off-campus access

If you are already logged in to KateWay and then select a database from the Library's website, you will see our login screen. Select the "Use my KateWay login!" button to go directly to the database without typing a username and password.

If you aren't yet logged in to KateWay, you'll see the same login screen. Select the "Use my KateWay login!" button, login to KateWay, and then you'll connect to the database.

Adjusting your KateWay timeout setting

Most people connect to library databases from off campus through the KateWay option -- when prompted to login, they select the "Use my KateWay login!" button and then login to KateWay (unless they were already logged in to KateWay). KateWay is set to time out (automatically log you out) after a certain amount of time. The default setting is 15 minutes. For library database searching, we recommend that you increase this setting. Otherwise, your KateWay connection may time out before you're done searching, and you'll lose your search results.

Here's how to change your KateWay timeout:

  1. Login to KateWay. 
  2. Select the Change Timeout link in the upper left portion of the screen. It displays next to "Welcome [your name]." 
  3. Pull down the menu that allows you to choose the number of minutes before automatic logout. We recommend that you select a 60 minute timeout. 
  4. Select the Save changes button. Note that if you change your timeout, you will need to logout of KateWay and log back in again for the changes to take effect.

Off-campus access when you don't have a KateWay login

If you think you should have a KateWay login and you wish to verify your account information, please contact the Computing Services Help Desk.

In special cases, logins using library barcodes can be created as necessary, particularly for:

  • Students in the joint St. Kate's/UST graduate program in Social Work  
  • Clinical site faculty 

If you fit into one of these categories and you'd like to request a barcode login, use our off-campus access help request form.

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