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Learning About a Nonprofit Organization

Researching a nonprofit organization is a little different from researching a company (but do review the tips on the Researching a Company page). You'll use many of the same strategies but you'll need to gather more information through internet searching. Make sure you do the following:

  • Review the organization's website and its social media channels (Does the executive director have a LinkedIn profile?)
  • Look for materials such as brochures, newsletters and annual reports
  • Conduct a search for news coverage of the organization, its leadership team, and board members.
  • Find and review the organization's Form 990 (see box below).

Form 990 - informative nonprofit tax document

Tax-exempt organizations must submit a Form 990 (also a 990-EZ, or 990-N depending on receipts and assets. Private foundations file a 990-PF) to the Internal Revenue Service on an annual basis. (Some political organizations, churches and other religious organizations are exempt from filing a 990).

Why use a Form 990 for research? You'll be able to find the organization's contact information, the names of key employees and officers, organizational mission, detailed financial information (revenues & expenses), executive compensation, and more.

You can access 990s through the IRS website but a variety of organizations also provide this information (click on the Form 990 Resources link). Note that the most current 990s will be several years old due to IRS data update delays.

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