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Images and Multimedia

Get help finding images, video, and audio clips. Also see copyright information.

Internet Streaming Video

In addition to well-known video sites, like YouTube, these sites host content or point to content hosted elsewhere. Some of these sites are the official site for a producer, series, creator or archived collection. Searching functions vary widely, and content can change or be removed without notice. This media is not licensed to St. Catherine University and we cannot guarantee connectivity, free access, closed caption quality or video quality.

Linking to library's streaming video in Brightspace D2L

Films on Demand and VAST: Academic Video Online contain a wealth of great content that instructors can use for their courses.  Currently, the most reliable way for instructors to post this video in Brightspace D2L is to use the permalink option, rather than using embed code.  We'll let you know if this situation changes, but in the meantime, here's how to find and use permalinks to streaming video in these databases:

In VAST: Academic Video Online:

  1. In VAST, navigate to the entry page for the video, where you can read the description, etc.
  2. Select Embed/Link.
  3. A window pops up showing you the permalink.  Right click the URL and select Copy Link Location (or Copy Shortcut, or Copy Link Address, depending on your browser).
  4. In your Brightspace D2L course, under Content, select New Topic.
  5. Select Create New File.  Choose the module and give the new file a title.
  6. In the Content box (with the Basic tab selected), select the Insert Stuff button (located on the far right).
  7. Select Insert Link.
  8. Right click in the URL box and select Paste.  The URL already has the library's proxy prefix, and so it accommodates off-campus access.
  9. Select Next.
  10. Type the title for the video in the Title box.
  11. Select Refresh Preview to check your work.
  12. Select Insert Link.
  13. Select Save.

In Films on Demand:

  1. Navigate to the entry page for the video, where you can read the description, etc.
  2. You should see a Title URL or Segment URL on this page.  Select that entire URL that displays on this page, right click, and copy it.  (We find it easiest to click twice in the Segment URL box, and then select Ctrl-A to select all, then Ctrl-C to copy.)  Luckily, this URL also has our proxy prefix, and so it's ready for off-campus users.
  3. Follow steps 4-13 above.

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