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Interlibrary Loan

Looking for a resource outside St. Kate's library? Try the St. Kate's Library Interlibrary Loan service!

Why can't I open my article?

Why can't I open my ILL article?

This can happen for several reasons. First, our system could have messed up when we sent the article. Second, the lending library could have sent a bad copy. Third, the issue could be with your browser.

First make sure that you have logged in with your St. Kate's username and password, and that your computer has the correct settings (does the computer need to allow pop ups, enable cookies, etc). Sometimes, it could be the browser you're using (Internet Explorer doesn't always work, but Mozilla Firefox and Chrome usually do). Finally, you may need to fully clear your cache.

If those suggestions don't work, contact
the ILL Staff with the item's TN. We may be able to email you another copy.

Why was I disavowed?

I got an email saying I was disavowed, but I'm still affiliated with St. Kate's.

ILLiad accounts are manually disavowed during slower times (usually the summer) and will only be disavowed if the patron's library account is expired or if they don't have a library account. Patrons can be mistakenly disavowed if they take too long to register, if their library account's expiration date was not extended, or if they come back to the school after an absence.

Contact the ILL Staff.

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