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Off-campus access to library resources

All you need to know about accessing our databases and other e-resources from off-campus locations

What you need to know about sharing links

Off-campus access to library resources is made possible by our EZproxy server, which prompts you to login if you happen to be working from off campus.  If you want to share a link with other people at St. Kate's, for example in a syllabus or an e-mail message, you should make sure the URL includes our EZproxy prefix:

For example, the URL for accessing JSTOR is  

Some links provided by databases already include the EZproxy prefix in the URL, but for others you'll need to add it yourself.  If you don't see in the URL, the prefix needs to be added.

To add the prefix, use the utility in the box above.  Simply copy and paste the link from the database into the box and select the Add Proxy button.  If your link already has the prefix, the utility will tell you it doesn't need to be added.

Making URLs work off campus

Use the Off-campus Link Creator here

See also:

Direct Links from Databases

Off-campus Link Creator

Want to share a link to a library resource with someone else at St. Kate's?  Use this tool to add our proxy prefix so that the link works both on campus and off campus.  Simply copy and paste the URL you want to share into this box:

Add Proxy

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