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Resources for Herb and Herbalism Research

Databases for Herbs and Herbalism

Looking for a Journal

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Tips for searching for plants and their constituents



Glechoma hederacea (Creeping Charlie)               Quercus alba (White Oak)


The most thorough searches include some or all of the following: the plant’s common name; the plant’s scientific name or genus; and/or various bioactive constituent(s).

  • Know the common and scientific (Latin) names of the plant you are researching.

                  MEDLINE subject indexing tends to emphasize the scientific names of plants, rather than common names.    

                  For example, for articles on burdock, search for burdock, Arctium lappa, and Arctium minus

                  For example, search for the active constituents in burdock: inulin, artigenen, linoleic acid, etc.


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