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Family & Consumer Science

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Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious offense, but these tips to help avoid it:

  • Cite every piece of information used that is not your own idea. Results from your own research and information considered common knowledge do not need to be cited.
  • Use "quotation marks" every time you use the exact words from a source.
  • A good "rule of thumb" is that any time you have used more than 3 consectutive words that are exactly the same as the source, you have not paraphrased -- you have quoted.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to research, gather info, read, and write. Procrastination can cloud your otherwise good judgment.
  • APA uses the parenthetical citation method; include the author and date to credit the work of another. For example:  (Jones, 2010)
  • Include in the first sentence information that lets the reader know you intend to quote, paraphrase or summarize the work from another source. For example:  Research done by Jones (2010) concluded that....

 Anti-plagiarism resources:

Evaluate Websites

Things to Consider:

Authorship (who is responsible for the information)
Accuracy (how accurate)
Currency (how current)
Publishing Body (consider URL such as .com, .org, etc)
Point of View (the bias)
Appropriateness (how will this affect your research)

Find an Article

Searching for an article?

  • Try the databases. Many have full-text articles.

Found a good article in a database and it's not full text?

  • Click on  to see if St. Kate's has the article in another database or in print.

Have a citation and want to find the article?

  • Use CLICsearch to search for the title of the article or the journal title.

For more assistance, contact a librarian.

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