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Links and information about several digital collections.

Statement on Harmful Content in Archival Collections

Archives and Special Collections staff at the St. Catherine University Library seek to collect, preserve, and make accessible unique historical materials for learning and research. We recognize that some materials in our collections are difficult to view because they document scenes of violence. Other materials contain language that is racist, sexist, ableist, or otherwise offensive. These materials represent the opinions and actions of their creators. In earlier eras, however, even people earnestly engaged in antiracist work used terms that would today be considered outdated.  While we do not endorse harmful content, we retain these materials unaltered to maintain the historical record and preserve context. We hope these materials enable examination of the long history of intolerance, discrimination, and hate, and ultimately inspire efforts to dismantle oppression in all its forms.

In addition, we recognize that outdated, problematic, or inaccurate language may exist in our collection descriptions. We strive to describe materials related to marginalized groups accurately and respectfully. We acknowledge that some problematic descriptions may have escaped our notice, and in other cases, we may not always make the right decision. Therefore, we welcome feedback so that we can learn and adjust our practices. Please contact us at if you encounter collection descriptions that could be improved.

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