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Student Employment @ the St. Kate's Library

A guide to student employment at St. Kate's library.

General Information

The St. Kate's Library provides part-time employment to undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of positions. Each page of the guide provides an overview of a position, but note that not all jobs are filled every semester. All current student employment positions are posted in KatieCareer/Handshake. 

All positions are paid on an hourly basis (pay rate is set by the University), provide sick leave, but no tuition remission.

MLIS Graduate Student Positions

The St. Catherine University Library & Archives staff are committed to educating library science professionals. Because of this commitment, the Library offers Graduate Assistant opportunities to students currently enrolled in the St. Kate's MLIS program.

Working under the direction of St. Kate's librarian mentors, the assistantship experience will serve to expand upon knowledge gained in the classroom. Graduate assistants will gain valuable professional-level work experience through positions in research services, archives, and technical services.

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