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A guide to help you find ways to make reading joyful in 2024

Tips For Reading More

There are many different reasons for wanting to read more leisure books. Maybe you have heard about some of the benefits of reading, like its ability to reduce stress, or its positive effects on sleep. Maybe you used to love reading, and want to rekindle your enjoyment. Maybe #BookTok has you curious about popular titles. Regardless of the reason, if you would like to read more this year but aren't sure how to start, review these tips for getting started. 

  • Start small. Build reading as a habit over time. Start with five or ten minutes each day to make reading approachable.
  • Combine your habits. Find a way to read that naturally fits into your day. Perhaps you could read a page or two while brewing coffee in the morning, or listen to a few minutes of an audiobook while you commute. 
  • Find your format. Try out different formats - print book, ebook, and audiobook - to learn what is most sustainable and enjoyable for you. 
  • Find your genre. Reading for leisure shouldn't feel like a chore. Try different genres - fantasy, romance, mystery, nonfiction - to see what you enjoy. If you have favorite TV shows or movies, think about what genres you enjoy and try books in the same category. 
  • Don't be afraid to quit. If you are not enjoying a book, it might derail your habit. It's okay to quit a book if you're not enjoying it - really! Use Nancy Pearl's Rule of 50 to help you decide if and when it's time to put one book down and pick up another. 
  • Make it fun. Find ways to make reading an enjoyable part of your day. Perhaps you pair reading with lighting candles in the evening, or enjoying a favorite food or beverage. You can also make it fun by adding a social element, like getting a recommendation from a friend or joining a book club. 
  • Eliminate decision fatigue. Don't get bogged down by trying to choose the perfect book; find reading lists from the library, campus bookstore, or even celebrity book clubs to help narrow down your decision. Ask a librarian for a personalized recommendation based on your interests and they'll be happy to help! 

Shelf Indulgence

Shelf Indulgence is open to faculty and staff as an opportunity read books on a theme and connect with colleagues. Read books along a theme and meet to discuss. For a list of themes, meeting places, and other details, check out our Shelf Indulgence guide

Attend an Author Reading or Public Book Discussion

St. Kate's, public libraries and other local organizations host author series or book discussions. Check out some of the following:

Reading Challenges

One way to make reading more fun is to join a reading challenge. This can be a personal goal that you set for yourself, or you can join in one of the following challenges from around the web! 

Library Recommendations

Many reading challenges have similar prompts. The library recommendations below are grouped by genre to help you accomplish prompts from different reading challenges. There is specific focus given to books by and about BIPOC people, LGBTQ+ people, and disabled people. If you're not ready to take on a reading challenge, these titles are also great options to expand your reading habit in the new year. 

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