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St. Kate's Library Bird-Off: Directions

This guide is for a spring and summer event where students, faculty, and staff can learn about the birds around through friendly competition!

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  1. Download the iNaturalist app on your phone by typing it in to your app store. Alternatively, you can click the following links: iNaturalist for iPhones or iNaturalist for Androids.
  2. Open the app and you'll have to consent to all three prompts before making your account. Due to iNaturalist being a Citizen Science app that tracks species, it requires certain information to be shared. Once you make your first observation, there is an option to change your geoprivacy setting, although it is not automatic. We understand if this may influence your decision to opt into this event. You can view their privacy page for more information. 
  3. Make an account on the app using your St. Kate's username. This will help us contact you if you win! Finally, close the app, verify your email, and sign in once again. 
  4. Find the Projects button. The icon should look like a small purse. Search for the project name "St. Kate's Library Bird-off". Select it and then click join! 
  5. Start making observations! You don't have to know anything about bird identification, just try to snap a clear picture or get a good bird call recording and the app will help you identify it! Observations don't have to be birds in Minnesota either! Traveling? We want to see the awesome avians you find on vacation! For more information on recording observations, watch the video below or read iNaturalist's directions on their site. If you've already joined our group, all your bird observations will be automatically added. 
  6. The end date for our competition is June 20th. If you used your St. Kate's username we will contact you via email if you've won. Otherwise, keep an eye on our project's homepage and your iNaturalist messages to find out if you've won! If you've signed up for notifications, you'll get an email notification from iNaturalist when we post updates or if you've gotten a message.

Extra Tip: Consider downloading Merlin ID as well. This app is able to identify birds correctly 90% of the time so if you find iNaturalist isn't IDing birds correctly, try Merlin ID instead. Take a clear photo or recording of the bird directly on your phone, upload it to Merlin ID, get the identification info, and then upload the same photo or song to iNaturalist and manually enter the info you gathered from Merlin. 

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iNaturalist app for iPhones:


iNaturalist app for Android:

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