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Ebooks at St. Kate's

Learn the basics of navigating the different ebook collections St. Kate's subscribes to.

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Contact a Librarian

There are many ways a librarians can provide you with research assistance. We can help you at our research desk, via chat, text, email,  phone or appointment. You can also contact the librarian for your subject area and work directly with them.

Visit our Help page for more information.

Start Reading

To access the eBooks from this collection, you just need to use your St. Kate's username and password. To borrow books for reading offline, you will need to create a personal account. For steps to create a personal account, see the Create An Account box on this page.

To start reading online, follow these steps:

1. Select the subject you are looking for from the "Subject Headings" menu. You can also narrow your search by using "Related Topics."

2. Click on the title of the book you would like to read.

3. Inside the book, you can choose to read online, download the book as a PDF, or download as an EPUB file. The "read" feature will open the book in the iViewer Online Reader. For more information about viewing ebooks in the iViewer Online Reader, click the link at the bottom of this box.

4. Within the iViewer Online Reader, search within the text and navigate using the top bar. 





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