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Ebooks at St. Kate's

Learn the basics of navigating the different ebook collections St. Kate's subscribes to.

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Start Reading

To access the eBooks from this collection, you just need to use your St. Kate's username and password. 

To read a book follow these steps:

1. Click on the ebooks tab.


2. Select the Gale ebooks link.


3. To find a book you are looking for, you can use the search bar to look up specific titles or keywords, or browse by subject using the Browse Collections section.


4. Click on the book cover that you are interested in reading.

5. Then select "view eBook" to begin reading on your computer.

6. You can navigate within the ebook by jumping to different pages using the toolbar above the pages.


6. You can also read the text in html format by selecting "Text View"

7. In the "Text View" or "Book View" features, skip to different chapters or sections using the Table of Contents. 


Want more ideas and tips of how to search and view Gale Virtual Reference Library ebooks? Take a look at their On-Demand Tutorials page below.

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