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Copyright Resource Guide

A useful guide to copywrite.

What is the Public Domain?

What is the Public Domain?

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a "nonprofit organization that helps overcome legal obstacles to the sharing of knowledge and creativity to address the world’s pressing challenges."

Creative Commons licenses give creators a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work. Creators can define the uses and conditions under which their works may be used. For example, if you see this license (see image below) it means the creator has allowed others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work, as long as the use is non-commercial and that there is an attribution statement that gives credit to the licensor. (You'll notice that we're using CC-licensed content in this guide.)

There are multiple CC licenses and each one stipulates the conditions for the use of the work. See the links below to review the different licenses, and to search for CC-licensed content. If you have questions about using Creative Commons in your research, or about a copyright license for your own work, contact a subject librarian.

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Creative Commons License
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