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Sophia Repository Submission Instructions for Final Graduate Research Projects

Sophia Submission Instruction Guide

What is Sophia

Sophia is the digital institutional repository for St. Catherine University. Its purpose is to collect, preserve, and provide permanent access to the scholarly, professional, and creative work produced by St. Catherine University faculty, students, and staff. Sophia is administered by the St. Catherine University Library and Archives, in collaboration with academic programs and departments.

Sophia is an open access repository, meaning that deposited material is freely accessible through the Library's discovery tool, LibSearch, and discoverable through any search engine.

Graduate theses, action research projects, and doctoral research projects that have been approved by St. Kate's departments will be made available online through Sophia.

The benefits of depositing your work in Sophia include increased impact of your research, preservation of your work, and the ability to view readership statistics. It also provides free access to your work for your communities of practice.

Submitting Your Work to the Sophia Repository

In this guide you will find:

  • The step-by-step process for submitting your work for deposit in Sophia. Each page of this guide provides guidance for completing each section of the permission form (General instructions through Part F).
  • Review all of the instructions in this guide before you complete the permission form and submit your materials.
  • Each student in a group project must submit their own submission agreement form. Any work that is produced by the collaborative efforts of two or more students is considered to be the joint work of each student. 
    Also included in this guide is information about the implications of depositing your work in Sophia, including your rights and responsibilities as an author.

Have Questions or Need Assistance?

St. Kate's Librarians are happy to assist you with any aspect of the Sophia submission process, including:

  • Providing technical support with Sophia
  • Assisting with copyright and intellectual property questions
  • Discussing the availability of your work, from embargoes to open access.

Questions? Email or contact your subject librarian.

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