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Graduate Student Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) & Research Project Guide

Before You Submit

  1. Secure final approval of your thesis, research paper or doctoral project from your committee, department or advisor.

  2.  Save the final approved version of your work as a PDF file.

  3. Make certain your work is copyright-compliant. If you sought permission to use someone's work in your own work, save the permission documentation in PDF form so it can be submitted as supplemental material.

  4. If your program/department does not require an abstract in your work, we recommend that you create one for Sophia (see the instructions below). 

  5.  Decide if you will delay public release of and access to your work for one or two years (see the Embargo page for more information). 

  6. Decide if you want to use a Creative Commons license for your work (see the CC page for more information).

  7.  Complete the Sophia Repository Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) & Research Project Submission Agreement, and save it as a PDF file.

Special notes:

  • The Library does not host websites or retain three-dimensional theses in its collections.
  • Changes to the work are not permitted after the materials have been submitted to Sophia, except for the addition of statements required by publishers.

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