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Library Instruction

Information literacy library instruction for faculty


Consider contacting your Subject Librarian and adding them to your D2L course. If we're in your course we can:
  • Embed library resources, help guides, and other materials to help students easily access library resources and services.
  • Assist you in creating and inserting direct links to articles found in library databases in D2L. (See our D2L & Library Resources link below for more information.)
  • Email your students to remind them of our help and encourage them to contact us.
To add a librarian, just follow these steps:
  • In your course in Brightspace D2L, click on Edit Course and then Self-Registration 
  • Then click on the Add Participant link and search for a librarian's name 
  • Find the librarian in your list of results, give them the role of Librarian, and then add them to your course

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