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Election and Voting Information Guide: Welcome

This guide provides information about voting procedures, election dates, and candidate and issue information.

Need information about how to vote? Go to the St. Kate's Civic Engagement site

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You'll find information and links to:

  • How to vote, voter registration, and voting options
  • Minnesota election calendar
  • Who represents you
  • How to get involved
  • Events and opportunities

Join the Civic Engagement Collective to promote democratic engagement at St. Kate's.

Important 2024 Election Dates

  • August 13 - Minnesota's primary Election Day (deadline to register to vote is July 23*).
  • November 5 - Election Day (deadline to register to vote is Oct. 15*).

*Note that you can register to vote at your polling place on Election Day.

Have Questions About How to Vote?

See the Civic Engagement Collective Voting page for information about registering to vote, absentee ballots, and more!

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First Time Voter Information

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