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TRW: The Reflective Woman

A guide to assist you with your assignments and research in TRW.

What is a "Scholarly" Article?

A scholarly article, often called an academic or peer-reviewed article, is a written work that presents original research, analysis, or discussion on a specific topic within an academic or professional field. These articles are typically published in scholarly journals, which are periodicals dedicated to academic and research content. Scholarly articles are characterized by their rigorous review process, where experts in the field (peers) evaluate the article's quality and validity before publication.

The Anatomy of a Scholarly Journal Article

The anatomy of a journal article : Title Author Abstract : A summary of the study and findings written by the author. Introduction : A statement of what is currently know about the study subject that articulates the questions being investigated. It cites other scholarly works, lays the foundations for the study, and sometimes states a hypothesis to be tested. Results : A description fo the research conducted and the results obtained. Results are presented as tables, large datasets, and figures, which can include graphs, videos, diagrams and photographs. Some papers include additional supporting data as a supplement. Discussion : An analysis and interpretation of the data presented that integrates the new information with prior findings, states the implications of the work and sometimes generates new hypotheses to be tested. Methods : A description of how the studies were conducted with sufficient detail so that others can repeat them exactly. References : The list of articles cited in the paper that provide information on the research topic and the methods used.

General Databases

The databases that will be the most helpful for you will depend on your topic. For a database related to a specific subject, you can view the database page on the library website and then filter by subject. The list of databases below covers a broad range of subjects and can be a great place to start when searching for articles. 

Finding the Full Text Article

It can be difficult to find the full-text for certain articles. The information below walks you through how to access it. 

  • Look for links to the PDF  Image result for pdf image  or HTML versions of articles.
  • For databases that do not provide full text, Click on the  link to see if St. Kate's has access to the article electronically or in print.
  • If the full-text isn't available, you'll have to request it via interlibrary loan by clicking the "Request Via Interlibrary Loan" link and submitting the following form. The link will look like this on the article's page.  

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