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TRW: The Reflective Woman

A guide to assist you with your assignments and research in TRW.

Step 1: Picking a Research Topic

Whether you already have a topic in mind or you're still struggling to think of one, doing some preliminary research is key. You want to make sure you can find a good amount of information on a topic before you start writing your research paper. If you find that you're struggling to find any articles or background information on a topic, you might need to broaden or narrow the scope of your topic. You may even want to change it. This is much easier to do at the beginning of a research assignment than in the middle of one! 

Below are a few databases you can search to get ideas and background information on current issues and topics. You will not cite these in your paper. 

Step 2: Developing a Research Question

Once you've done some preliminary research and you've finalized your topic, it's time to form your research question! A well-crafted research question is like a roadmap for your research journey. It not only helps you find relevant information but also assists you in organizing and evaluating that information effectively. It keeps you on the right path and ensures your research stays focused and productive. Check out our tutorial on how to form a research question (6 min) and the helpful video below. 

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