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Ebooks at St. Kate's

Learn the basics of navigating the different ebook collections St. Kate's subscribes to.

Start Reading

To start reading an ebook, follow these steps:

1. From the main page, select the "Books" dropdown menu, and click on "Library."

2. Select a subject area to browse only books related to that subject using the column on the left. Or, simply scroll through the grid of all books available to the right. 

3. Click on the cover of the book you'd like to read.


4. To show all of the chapter in the book, select "Show Chapters" or click the + next to different sections in the textbook. You can also read copyright and contributor information, as well as the preface to the book, using the box on the left.


5. Once you have selected a chapter, you can show and hide different sections using the sections menu at the top or using the + and - signs next to chapter headings. To skip to the previous or next chapter, use the links in the upper bar.


6.To download any chapter as a pdf click the "Download Chapter PDF" link. To  change between viewing the entire text of the chapter, just figures, and just tables click on the individual tabs.




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