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Digital Humanities

A resource guide to Digital Humanities which includes book recommendations and helpful sources

What is Digital Humanities?

The application of digital tools and methods to teaching & scholarship in the humanities

General Resources

Staying Current

How librarians can partner with you

St. Kate's librarians can offer expertise in:

  • Identifying digital tools/methods to use in your teaching/scholarship
  • Developing digital humanities projects/assignments
  • Finding digital publishing platforms (including our institution's repository, SOPHIA)
  • Navigating issues of copyright
  • Creating a preservation or data management plan

"At its core, DH shares the most basic goal with the library - accessibility of information. The multitude of DH projects aim to take cultural materials that were previously undiscoverable digitally, the very materials humanities scholars address and utilize for their work, and connect them to a new, broad audience.”

~Micah Vandegrift, "What is Digital Humanities and What's it Doing in the Library"

Collections of tools & examples

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