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A helpful resource for nursing students regarding databases, best practices, and citations.

Find Nursing Theories and Models

Search for Nursing Theories and Models

CINAHL (aka CINAHL Ultimate) is the main database used to locate articles by or about nursing theorists or theory/models or to locate articles that have applied a nursing theory or model

Search by Subject Terms

CINAHL Subject Terms are standardized database terms. They are helpful when multiple terms might be used for a concept or when you're unsure which is the best term to search.

Go to CINAHL ( > Databases)

Check the box for Suggest Subject Terms. Type the theory or theorist name. 


You may wish to browse the full list of nursing theory CINAHL subject terms. To do this, select Suggest Subject Terms and type the search term nursing models, theoretical 

Click subject term link for nursing models, theoretical and the list of nursing theory/model subject terms will display.

Select the box in front of a theory/model and Search to find articles that have been assigned this subject term in indexing. 

Search by Keyword

If you don't spot your theorist or theory in the CINAHL terms list, search by keyword using the most common term for the theory or theorist.


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LibSearch Guide: For more help, including how to request items in LibSearch that are not at St. Kate's.

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