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Land Acknowledgement Resources

Land Acknowledgement Resources


The purpose of this guide is to provide further reading and resources to the St. Kate's community on Native American issues, stories, culture, and history. We wish to be mindful in our land acknowledgement, which for us translates to educating folks on Native communities in our area and promoting the work of Native, First Nations, and Indigenous people so that you can continue to learn! On this guide you will find links to the official websites of the eleven Native American tribes in Minnesota, #OwnVoices books for children and adults, suggested podcasts and movies, and articles providing information about issues affecting the Native community in the Midwest and the Twin Cities more specifically, as well as interactive media such as maps. 

Minnesota Indian Tribes

11 different logos of local Indigenous tribes

The best way to find information on specific tribes and nations is to head to their official website. If you're looking for more information about the federally recognized Minnesota tribes, look here:

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