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Business Research Guide

A research guide relating to business, acounting, managment, marketing, sales, and business administration.


In this guide you'll find many of the St. Kate's library resources that relate to the fields of business, accounting, management, marketing, sales, and business administration. You can access business-related databases, ebooks, APA resources, and more. Be sure to review our research tutorials as well!

If you have questions or need research assistance, be sure to reach out to Sue Gray, the business librarian (her contact information is on the left).

Be a Savvy Consumer When Searching for Business Information

  • Many business-related websites will require that you register or create an account to access their information. Or you may begin to use a site for free, and then hit a paywall that requires that you purchase the information.
  • Read the fine print about how they will use your personal information so you can judge whether or not you want to provide it to a third-party. 
  • Look for an "About" or "About Us" section of the website to help you evaluate the legitimacy of the content providers. 
  • Ask the business librarian for advice about using a specific site for an assignment or project.

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