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One Read for Racial Justice Guide: Dear America

A guide to our One Read title, "Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen" by Jose Antonio Vargas

What is a One Read?

A “One Read” is an event where everyone in a particular community reads the same book and comes together to discuss it. Think of it like a giant book club. Often in addition to a shared reading, there are a series of events that give context and relate to the book’s theme.

“People can go for days at a time not talking to anyone outside their immediate family. There are precious few opportunities for people of different ethnic background, economic levels or ages to sit down together and discuss ideas that are important to them this project provides that opportunity.” — Nancy Pearl, Director, Washington Center for the Book

“The idea is that the city that opens the same book closes it in greater harmony.” — Mary McGrory, The Washington Post, March 17, 2002

Want more from your One Read?

Use this guide to find more resources on topics related to Dear America from the library, other novels you might enjoy reading next, information about Jose Antonio Vargas, reviews of Dear America, and a discussion guide. 

One Read Events

Keep up with events happening on campus - like readings, discussions, and more - at the link below.   


Ways to Participate

  • Read the book!
  • Come to an event
  • Plan your own event/discussion/response to the book
  • Integrate the book into your course

Faculty/Staff Institute Slides

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