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International Relations Research Guide

A research guide with databases, websites, and books relating to international relations.

Core International Studies/Political Science Journals

  • International Political Science Review
  • International Organization
  • International Political Science Abstracts
  • Annual Review of Political Science
  • International Security
  • Human Rights Quarterly
  • American Diplomacy
  • Journal of Conflict Resolution
  • Journal of Peace Research
  • World Politics
  • International Studies Quarterly

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LibSearch Guide: For more help, including how to request items in LibSearch that are not at St. Kate's.

International Relations Databases

Scholarly vs. Popular: Explained

Most instructors at the college level require that all or most of the periodicals your use in writing research papers come from scholarly journals. This is especially true for upper-division courses and essential in graduate work.

What is a Scholarly Journal?

  • Scholarly journals always cite their sources in the form of bibliographies or footnotes/endnotes.
  • Articles are written by a scholar in the field or by someone who has done research in the field.
  • The author’s name appears at the beginning or the end of the article, sometimes with brief biographical or contact information.
  • Scholarly journals often have a sober, serious appearance.
  • They often contain graphs and charts, but few glossy pages, ads or images.
  • The language of a scholarly journal is that of the discipline covered.
  • It assumes the reader has some background in the field.
  • The main purpose of a scholarly journal is to report on original research or experimentation for the benefit of the rest of the scholarly world.
  • Many scholarly journals, though not all, are published by specific professional associations.

What are some examples of Scholarly Journals?

  • Journal of Educational Research
  • AMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association
  • Psychological Bulletin
  • Journal of Social Work Education

What are NOT Scholarly Journals?

  • News magazines: Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report
  • Opinion Magazines: New Republic, National Review, The Nation
  • Popular Magazines: Vogue, Better Homes and Gardens, Sports Illustrated
  • Trade Journals: Beverage World, Automotive News
  • Sensational/Celebrity Publications: Globe, National Enquirer, Entertainment Weekly

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