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A guide to help you learn about our St. Kate's Library online catalog

Sign In

Sign into LibSearch with your St. Kate's username and password. Once you are signed in, you are able to:

  • Access online full-text content from the St. Kate's Library

  • Place requests

  • Review your loans, hold requests, and renew items

  • Save items to your favorites list.

Narrow Your Results

LibSearch has many facets/filters on the left side of the page to narrow to specific types of results. You can include or exclude types of resources, limit to local library collections, and more.

You can also use the scopes in the search bar to narrow or broaden the resources you’re looking at.


Available Searches

The scopes or available searches can be changed to help you to find the resource you are looking for: 

  • Find St. Kate's Items:​
    • All of St. Kate's physical and online resources.
  • Explore Partner Library Items:​
    • St. Kate's physical and online resources plus physical resources from all of MnPALS Partner libraries. Note that you will not be able to access electronic items (ebooks and articles) from partner libraries but you can request a digital copy of an article!
  • Sophia & Digital Collections:
    • Materials in Sophia, St. Catherine University's institutional repository, as well as digital collections representing St. Kate's history such as publications, photographs, magazines and so much more!

Use the Browse Feature

If you want to see all catalog items with a specific author or subject, use the Browse feature listed under the ... tab at the top of the page.


Browse can search by the following categories:

  • Author (use last name, first name)
  • Title (starts with...)
  • Subject
  • Library of Congress call numbers


Locating a Specific Title

If you know the title of an article or book, go to Advanced Search and use the drop-down menu under Search filters to select Title/Series.  Search filters: Title/Series

Advanced Search Tips

  • Special characters:

    • For title searches that include an ampersand (&) between terms (such as Obstetrics & Gynecology), the search is also treated as if you had entered the word AND

    • For exact searches (such as "Obstetrics & Gynecology"), you may get different results because the system removes the ampersand ( & ) from the search query. In addition, special characters (such as $, @, and so forth) are also removed from exact title searches and are not included in the search. 


  • Wildcard characters:

    • ? – enter a question mark to perform a single character wildcard search. For example, type wom?n to search for records that contain the strings womanwomen, and so forth. Search results for advanced search with ? as a wildcard for one character may be inconsistent.

    • * – enter an asterisk to perform a multiple character wildcard search. For example, type cultur* to search for records that contain strings, such as culture, cultural, and culturally.

    • Advanced Search: Users can enclose the * in double quotes ( "*" ) and select at least one filter to see all records of the filter type.


  • Searching for multiple ISSN numbers concatenated together with commas returns invalid results.  The solution is to conduct separate searches for each ISSN. E.g.  searching for 1759-9660, 1759-9679  returns zero results. Rather: search for 1759-9660. Look at the results. Then conduct a subsequent search for 1759-9679  and view those results separately.

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