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Fashion Design and Merchandising Research Guide

A useful guide for Fashion Design and Merchandise, which includes information about the history of dress, textiles, and sustainable fashion. This guide is meant to assist students in this area of study.

Find Articles & Images

Keywords & Search Tips

Research by specific country, culture, or ethnic group. Start searching broadly with the following terms (especially to find books):

  • Ethnic clothing
  • Ethnic dress
  • Ethnic fashion

Think of the major keywords or concepts that describe the specific aspect of dress from the cultural group you are researching. These are your search terms.

  • Put AND between unrelated search terms to narrow your search (your results have to have both terms).
    • Costume and X country
    • Fashion and  X culture
    • Clothing and dress - X country
  • Put OR between similar terms (also known as synonyms) and place them in parentheses. This will expand your search.
  • A good starting search: country name or cultural group (dress OR fashion OR cloth*)
    • Hmong (dress OR fashion OR cloth*)
    • India dress cultur*

Use truncation (putting an * behind a word) to search multiple forms of a word:

  • cultur* = culture, cultural
  • cloth* = clothes, clothing, cloth


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