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Economics Research Guide

A research guide to Economics which includes several helpful articles, books, and websites.


From the assignment:

The first task is to locate a scholarly article using quantitative methodology (statistics). ... The research must include an inferential study. A good indication that it is an inferential study would be if it contains confidence intervals, alpha values, or P-values.

Watch the video below for more info on finding a scholarly article for your assignment.


Databases to use

Searching in databases

SEARCHING: Choose a database on the left and try searching like this:

First search box: enter the social sciences topic of your choice (I searched anti-vaccination in the video included above)

Second search box: confidence interval OR alpha value OR p-value (type it like this with the ORs between phrases - it will search for any of these phrases then)

On your results page check the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) box under the Refine Results menu on the left.

SELECTING: When you find an article, click its title and read the abstract. In the abstract (and/or the Minor Subjects above the abstract) look for the statistical information. Are confidence intervals, alpha values or p-values indicated, like here:

ANALYZING: Open the full article and look at the Methodology section where they describe the study. You should find things like the population in the study, the measures or tests they performed, their data analysis and findings:

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