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Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity Research Guide

A research guide with useful reference books and databases related to critical races studies.


Depending on the type of information you need for your research, navigate through this guide using the menu on the left.

Because Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity is an interdisciplinary field, some of the following guides might also be relevant to your research:


Textbooks at the Library

Some of your required course textbooks might be available through the library! Our Textbook Collection attempts to include at least one copy of any required textbook in either print or electronic format. Electronic books (Ebooks) will be accessible with a St. Kate’s login anytime, anywhere; print books will be available for in-library use only. Note that because of various publisher restrictions, not all textbooks are available for the library to purchase. The library strives to purchase unlimited user eBook versions when available but will get the next best option (single user eBook, print, etc.) when that option is unavailable. We refresh the collection each semester based on what classes are being offered and which texts they require.

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