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A research guide for English, which includes several useful articles, books, databases, and websites for research.



Here are listed a variety of websites that offer a combination of articles, archives, societies and other free online resources about language. 

Where to Browse: Call Numbers

Looking for books, but do not know where to start?

These call numbers will be specific to language and linguistics.

P1-1091                Philology. Linguistics

​P95-95.6               Oral communication. Speech

P98-98.5               Computational linguistics.  

P99-99.4               Semiotics. Signs and symbols

P99.5-99.6            Nonverbal communication

P101-410              Language. Linguistic theory.  

P118-118.75        Language acquisition

P121-149              Science of language (Linguistics)

P201-299              Comparative grammar

P301-301.5           Style. Composition. Rhetoric

P302-302.87        Discourse analysis

P306-310              Translating and interpreting

P321-324.5           Etymology

P325-325.5           Semantics

P326-326.5           Lexicology

P327-327.5           Lexicography

P375-381              Linguistic geography

P501-769              Indo-European  (Indo-Germanic) philology

P901-1091            Extinct ancient or medieval languages

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