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Reading Lists Guide for Faculty

A helpful guide to creating reading lists for faculty.

Add Due Dates & Notes

For any item you add to your reading list, you can add a due date or a note. First, click on the title of any item in your reading list, and then select Edit. Then you'll see a Due Date calendar you can click on to select a date, and you'll also see a Public Note section where you can add a note, like in this screenshot:

Screen shot showing where edit button is to add notes or add a due date to a reading


Canvas: Link to a Section or Item in Canvas

If you want to add links to Canvas that highlight the readings for the current week, you can link directly to sections and citations in your reading list.

  • From your Canvas course page, go to Modules.
  • Click the + symbol to add a new item to your chosen week. Select External Tool, and then choose Reading List - Link Selection.
  • When your reading list appears, you can choose to link to a Section of items, like for a week of assigned readings, or to individual items on your reading list. Check the box in front of the chosen section or item(s) to link to them. Click the Select button when you're done.







Use "My Favorites" to Keep Materials You'll Use Again

If you are going to use an item in multiple classes, try using My Favorites. You can store items you know you will use again so you can find and add them more easily. This is also helpful if you want to merge two different reading lists.

Just go into the reading list where the item is and click on the Menu icon to the right of the item and select Copy to My Favorites:

Then when you want to add that item in another reading list, click the Plus button and instead of searching for it or creating it, click on the My Favorites tab to find it:

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