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Reading Lists Guide for Faculty

A helpful guide to creating reading lists for faculty.

Reusing Your Reading List for Another Semester

Reading lists are never deleted and can be associated with multiple sections of the same course or copied from semester to semester. At the end of each semester, library staff archives all reading lists and makes them inactive for copyright purposes. Faculty should be able to view their archived lists, and roll them over to reuse for a future course. Rolling over will duplicate the reading list, and reuse the same links, so any permalinks you grabbed for specific citations or sections can be reused.

Please contact your subject librarian if you need help.

Note: Materials not owned by St. Kate's or freely available from the publisher need to be licensed in keeping with fair use guidelines. The St. Kate's Library currently covers all licensing fees, but there may be materials we cannot license due to excessive cost or publisher restrictions. This may change semester to semester, so you may not be able to use the same materials if you reuse a past list.

Sharing or Copying a List Between Multiple Sections/Courses

Want to use the same reading list for multiple sections or courses so you only have to edit one list? It's possible! Remember that any additions/deletions to a shared list will appear in all sections or courses. If you want to make changes that will only appear in one section or course, library staff will make a copy of the list instead.

Contact your subject librarian to make arrangements and provide them with this information:

  • Professor's name;
  • Reading list that you want to add to another section or course (i.e. course code and name, e.g., LIS 7630, Readers' Advisory Services);
  • Section or course you want to add the list to (i.e. course code, section, and name);
  • Whether you want to share (one list, all edits reflected) or copy a list (multiple lists, edits not reflected in all lists).

Adding Other Owners to Your List

Want to add other faculty to your list so they can edit it? How about a graduate assistant to help you populate the list? Library staff can set this up for you.

Just contact your subject librarian and give them the following information:

Adding another professor:

  • Professor's name
  • Course code & section number, if appropriate (e.g., LIS 7630)
  • Course name (e.g., Readers' Advisory Services)

Adding a graduate assistant:

  • Student's name
  • Student's ID number (i.e. number on front of St. Kate's ID)
  • Course code & section number, if appropriate (e.g., LIS 7630)
  • Course name (e.g., Readers Advisory Services)

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