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A research guide for students interested in history which includes several useful databases and sites to help you with research.

Getting Started With Scalar

Scalar is a free, multi-modal publishing platform.

Use it to create multi-media rich eBooks, articles, & websites. 

Examples of Scalar Projects

The Dashboard

screenshot of the scalar dashboard with tabs labelled my account, book properties, book users, sharing, pages, media, relationships, categories, import/export

Dashboard Tabs

Dashboard tabs and what you can do in them:

  • My account

    • See a list all your books

    • Create new/duplicate books

  • Book properties

    • Add/change title & description

    • Customize url

    • Add table of contents

    • Add background image for book

    • Insert publication and rights information 

  • Book users

    • Invite collaborators

    • Set permission levels

  • Sharing

    • Make the eBook public

    • Allow comments

    • Allow duplication

  • Pages

    • Navigate to pages (not where you edit pages)

    • Make pages public

    • Delete pages

  • Media

    • A database of all the media you’ve uploaded/linked to

  • Relationships

    • See your paths

    • See your annotations

  • Import/export

    • Import content from other scalar books (if permission was given)

Editing Tools in the eBook


Editing Pages

Get Text to Practice With


Public Domain & Open License Media

Visual Literacy

visual literacy includes ethics, critical evaluation, finding images and media

Metadata in Scalar

Suggestions For Using Scalar Metadata
Metadata field Suggested use
Creator Creator of the original media
Contributor Publisher of the media
Date Date media was created
Rights Creative Commons license, Copyright statement, Public Domain
Source Source of image (Wikimedia commons, YouTube, etc)
isPartof Use for media that is part of a larger whole (ex. illustration from a book)


Need to go back and add metadata to an image you already added to Scalar? Use the image url to look up the original source via Google Image Search:

Adding Paths

Screenshot of a scalar page under the relationship tab toward the bottom is an arrow labeled adding paths pointed to options to remove and add content

Getting Help

Stuck? Try looking up your question in the Scalar User Guide or feel free to contact me with your questions! 

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