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A research guide for students interested in history which includes several useful databases and sites to help you with research.

Core History Databases

Primary Source Databases

Looking for a Journal

Find Journals, Newspapers & Magazines by Title

Search for a title, like JAMA, Harvard Business Review, or New York Times.


Google Scholar


Search Google Scholar and access scholarly articles that St. Kate's Library subscribes to as well as other open-access, scholarly works. 

You can also trace an article's impact by looking at who cited it in their own research;





Although it takes time for an article to make an impact in the field, being cited many times is an indication that the piece has been influential to other scholars researching that topic. Click the "cited by" link to see other potentially useful articles.

Search Strategies

Are you having trouble locating quality, relevant articles?  Check out these resources for tips on searching databases.  And remember...if you get stuck, don't struggle!  Contact a librarian.

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